Grades 2-5

Mon/Wed 4:00pm 


Grades 5-10

Tues/Thurs 5:30 pm 


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CrossFit Fargo is an official CrossFit Kids Affiliate and Youth Empowerment Systems (Y.E.S.) gym. We currently offer year round youth programs for 6-17 year olds.


CrossFit Fargo Youth Empowerment is not simply a scaled down version of CrossFit; it is entirely CrossFit, BUT geared and designed for this special population and their specific developmental stages (neurological, cognitive, motor skills).

We take it a step further, and offer a Character Driven, Level Based, Fitness Program. 

Your child will not only practice physical fitness,  but will also develop social, mental, and emotional skills as well. 

We use a colorful shirt and level system to give your child a way to track and celebrate their growth and progress as they set and conquer their goals. 

Our classes are grouped and differentiated by grade levels, with limited class sizes to ensure quality coaching and class experiences.

Email for more information.

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Meet Your


Coach Jasmine

Jasmine is the Head Coach here at CrossFit Fargo, as well as the the director of CrossFit Fargo’s Youth Programs.

Jasmine graduated from the University of North Dakota with a Bachelors and Masters Degree in Elementary Education and Special Education, and has 3+ years of elementary teaching experience. Jasmine is also a Level 2 CrossFit Trainer and USA Weighlifting Level 1 Sports Performance Coach.

She shares that her ultimate mission here is to help others grow their inner-confidence by helping them to find their own special love for movement, lifelong learning, and the camraderie of this community!

Coach Jasmine Coaches:

Tuesdays 6:15 PM Class

Wednesdays 4:00 PM Class

Summer Strength and Conditioning Camp

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Coach Josh

Coach Josh is a full-time Coach here at CrossFit Fargo with both the general adult and youth classes.

Josh graduated from North Dakota State University with a Bachelor's degree in Exercise Science, and completed his internship here at CrossFit Fargo. Josh has had experience not only coaching classes, but also leading some of our seasonal youth camps. Josh is also a Level 1 CrossFit Trainer.

He says his greatest joy in coaching is when he gets to watch someone he is working with finally complete a fitness goal, however big or small, and witnessing the happiness and satisfaction that individual feels from doing so! 

Coach Josh Coaches:

Mondays 4:00 PM Class

Tuesdays/Thursdays @ 5:15 PM Classes

Thursdays 6:15 PM Classes