Perfecting the Run

Just like any lift in a WOD; it takes a certain amount of skill and technique to perform, and learning how to run correctly is no different. There are a few common faults that many runners have and it’s important to understand what those can be. A lot of people hate running because they say something along the lines of how much it hurts or how sore they get afterwards, but those are all things that can either be fixed or mitigated.

A good place to start is making sure you have proper running shoes. You want shoes that have plenty of cushion on the sole and have good arch support for the midsole of your foot. This will help alleviate pain in your lower joints if that is a limiting factor for you. Next we want to take a focus on your running gait, or the manner in which you run. With every stride you take you want to take note of a few things. Firstly, be conscious of how you are landing on your feet and also where you’re landing in relation to your body. You should try and strive to be striking the ground around the midsole of your foot and landing each stride with your feet positioned under your hips. Some runners tend to have a heel strike and land with their feet in front of them. This can lead to knee pain and you’ll have a much higher chance at developing repetitive stress injuries such as the dreaded shin splints.