Athlete Spotlight: Bryan Loweree

Say hello to our Spotlight Athlete, Bryan Loweree! Bryan is a professional singer/songwriter with his first solo album reaching #7 on the iTunes Country charts in March of 2020. At 34, not only is he an accomplished musician, Bryan is also a pilot and enjoys fishing with his wife Brittney. Speaking of Brittney, Bryan describes her as a Rockstar in her own right, and many of the songs he writes are about her. “She is the hardest working person I know. I couldn’t ask for a more loving and supportive wife!” he says.

In May of 2020, Bryan took the advice of his sister-in-law who is a CrossFit Coach in Kansas City and started at CrossFit Fargo. He jumped right into regular classes and recalls that his first workout had burpees over the bar and that “it was brutal.” Yep, burpees can be brutal! Bryan started training with us in order to get stronger and look better as a result. And getting stronger, he is! He says, “I’m getting stronger. I can see my body changing as a result. In the past I would go to the gym for a couple weeks and then not got for a couple months. I’m at CFF at least 5 days a week.

Bryan recently completed an 8-Week Nutrition Program with Coach Ashley and lost 11lbs and 2.6% body fat, hitting his goal weight. He plans to continue with these healthy habits now that the challenge is over.

Bryan has become a regular at the 4pm class, and is making fast progress. He thanks all of the coaches, especially Coach Jess. “A couple weeks ago she challenged me to use heavier kettlbells after watching me warmup. That workout was my first RX! Thanks!” Bryan has some advice for people who are thinking about getting started. “I was hooked after 1 class. Just go to 1 class! Everyone helps everyone. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. I literally had to ask how to do a burpee at my first class, haha.

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