Athlete Spotlight: Ashley Overby

We are excited to introduce our Spotlight Athlete, Ashley Overby! Ashley typically goes to the 5:30pm and 7:30pm classes and works out 4-5 times per week. Ashley lives in Fargo and works for the farm auction company Steffes.

Ashley was inspired to start CrossFit by her friend - and current CFF athlete - Amber A. Ashley started in Boot Camp in June 2020. She initially started with goals to lose weight and become stronger. Ashley says, "I have always had a gym membership but had no idea what to do with weights. My idea of a workout was 45 minutes walking on an elliptical." She remembers her first day of Boot Camp.. "My first session of boot camp was amazing. I remember being so terrified to start and the coach Jade was so welcoming. The first class was hard but scaled in a way that I was about to make it through. I knew I was going to love it!"

Outside of fitness, Ashley enjoys weekends at the lake, family time, house projects, and spending time with her dog, Letty.

Recently, Ashley has celebrated some personal bests by getting her first handstand against the wall and PRing her lifts! She says, "I have been trying to do this [a handstand] for weeks so it was huge for me. The feeling of adding even 5 or 10 more pounds to the bar is so satisfying!" Ashley was also excited that she was able to drop 6 lbs during bootcamp, and she reports seeing some great progress in the few weeks she's been going to regular classes. Right now she is focusing on "being a better me."

Ashley's word of advice to people thinking about making a change is, "Do it! You truly won’t regret it! I wish I would have started years ago :)" And if you're nervous to start, she has some encouraging words.. "I am blown away by the amazing people I’ve met while in just a small amount of time. Everyone makes you feel so comfortable and is so supportive."

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