Athlete Spotlight: Ray Osorio O'pry

Say hello to Ray Osorio O’pry, 22, from Fargo, ND. Ray moved to North Dakota from Arkansas in 2014 and works for U.S. Bank and is a Combat Medic in the North Dakota Army National Guard. Ray is a focused guy, always willing to put in the extra work on technique and reaching toward his goals – usually with a smile on his face. You’ll catch him as a part of the evening crew about 4 times per week.

Ray started at CrossFit Fargo in July 2020 in the Incubator with two goals: to start a healthier lifestyle for himself and to prepare for the physical demands of being in the military. His hard work has been paying off – Ray recently had his first drill weekend and reported feeling confident in taking on the OPAT and APFT, two tests by the U.S. Army. He is also training for the upcoming ACFT.

For those unfamiliar..

The OPAT stands for Occupational Physical Assessment Test and consists of:

Standing Long Jump

Seated Power Throw

Strength Deadlift

Interval Aerobic Run – designed to assess aerobic capacity.

The APFT (Army Physical Fitness Test) is the traditional Army PT test and includes:

2 Minutes Push ups

2 Minutes Sit ups

2 Mile Run

The ACFT (Army Combat Fitness Test) is the new Army PT test:

3 Repetition Maximum Deadlift

Standing Power Throw

2 Minutes Hand Release Push up


Leg Tuck

Two Mile Run

Ray started the Incubator without any fitness background. He says he “was very nervous because I don’t have any fitness background, but I immediately felt welcome.” He takes pride in “looking back at where I physically started before joining CrossFit Fargo and where I am now.” Ray does this with a team of people he works with who he says motivate him to do his best and push himself to do things once thought impossible.

Fun fact: Ray lives an active lifestyle and loves to skydive (!) and go hiking and swimming with his dog.

Ray has a few specific goals he is working on. The APFT standard for his age on the 2 Mile Run is under 16 minutes, and his goal is to get that time down to 12 minutes. He is also training his deadlift, working to increase weight each class.

Ray says “everyone at CrossFit Fargo has been awesome!

” He says the coaches are friendly and supportive – and so are the people he trains with. He wants to send a special thank you to Coach Jasmine, his primary coach, for pushing him to do better.

Ray gives this advice to anyone thinking about getting started: “Don’t overthink it, just have fun.” Great advice, Ray!

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