A Culture of Virtuosity

In the early years of CrossFit Fargo, new athletes were inducted into membership through a 4-day class called Virtuosity. At CFF, we define virtuosity as performing the common, uncommonly well. These four classes not only taught the foundational exercises, technique and movement mechanics. The classes also covered the CrossFit philosophy and methodology. As a result, the new members that went through the Virtuosity program "got it". And many of them are still at CrossFit Fargo today, almost 7 years later for some.

You see, CrossFit is about more than the WOD and scores on the whiteboard. It's even about more than the community that develops. CrossFit is about striving for virtuosity in all the 10 elements of fitness:

In addition to these 10 elements of fitness, I would add supporting elements of health and fitness such as sleep, nutrition, and life management through building healthy habits.

When you strive to improve these elements of health and fitness, not only will you see increased performance in the gym, you will also enjoy a plethora of scientifically proven benefits such as: Improved medical markers, weight loss and weight management, improved mental health, better work productivity, disease prevention, and better quality of life as you age.

The real reason why we record our scores on the whiteboard is because I believe a fitness program must have results that are measurable. Otherwise, how will you know if it's effectively working? A culture of virtuosity means that as individuals, and as a community, we value integrity in all the elements of health and fitness. As a gym, we promote this through coaching cues, skill practice, progressive programming, nutritional programs and challenges, goal-setting meetings, and most importantly, fostering a positive and safe community.

Each member contributes to a culture of virtuosity. Each time you do things like practice movement mechanics and skills, seek out help for weaknesses, talk about positive nutritional habits, and simply encouraging each other to be better, you not only reinforce your own process but also strengthen the culture in which everyone around you thrives.

Today I am calling on you to look at your health and fitness journey. Where are you striving for virtuosity? What areas have you ignored or avoided? If you want some help assessing these things, schedule a goal-setting meeting with a coach and we will help you determine areas of improvement and create a solid action plan.

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