Tuesday, 5/19/20 - Splits

M-1: Deadlift Every 2:00 x 5 Sets 5 Deadlifts

Note: No touch and go, reset at the bottom. Build up to a challenging weight before beginning the working sets. You can add weight during the working sets, but all should be challenging.

F: 8-10 @2020 tempo - building P: As Rx S: As Rx

M-2: Every 5:00 x 15:00 [3 Sets] 18/15 Cal Row @High Effort 10 Toes to Bar 10 Hang Power Clean @unbroken load

Score each set individually

F: 12/10 Cal Row + 10 Knee Raises/Sit ups + 10 Russian KBS P: As Rx S: As Rx 135/95#

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