Monday, 5/18/20 - Murph Prep

M-1: Every 2:00 x 10:00 [5 Sets] 3 Hang Squat Cleans

F: 5 DB Hang Power Clean + 5 Front Squat P: 3 Hang Power Clean + Front Squat or Hang Squat Clean S: As Rx

Notes: Build up to a challenging weight before starting the 5 working sets. You can build during the working sets, but all should be challenging.

M-2: AMRAP 16:00

200m Run

40 Pull Ups

200m Run

70 Push Ups

200m Run

100 Squats

200m Run

Score is total Rounds + Reps

The Run Counts as 1 rep

F: 200m Run + 25 Jumping Pull Up/Ring Row + 50 Push Ups + 75 Squats

P: As Rx

S: Wear a Vest

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