It's Time to Release What is Out of Your Control

It’s easy to get wrapped up in your own thought process. Over think, worry, stress.

Take a moment- If you really think about the things that are consuming your thoughts, you’ll realize that MOST of them are out of your control, right? And although we would like to change unfortunate situations,

we are only capable of changing our responses to situations.

I recently got an email about this topic and it had a great exercise in it-

○ Write a list of all the things that you are taking on, bringing you stress and making you overwhelmed.

○ Now, separate this list into 2 groups: 1. what's in your control 2. what is out of your control.

I know I tend to fixate on what’s out of my control because, well, I’m a control freak. But what you ARE in control of is your thoughts and your perception. If you are pouring energy into areas of your life that you cannot control, you are not evolving to your true potential because you don’t have the bandwidth to do so. If the situation is out of your hands, put it out of your mind as well.

You hear the phrase a lot “It’s not happening TO you it’s happening FOR you, but what if it’s both? The things that are happening to you are for you to gain the strength of character to build you up for your next challenge in life.

Letting go of what you cannot control, although hard, will lead you to a new perspective on it. By actually letting go, you gain more control and hopefully stop the negative you’ve been taking on.

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