Do you remember in grade school that you often were asked what your future goals were, what do you wanted to “be when you grow up”? And then magically you turn 19 and no one asks you again because you were supposed to have this planned by the time you were 17 and then you turn 30 and you’re like WHAT JUST HAPPENED!? Oftentimes goals, without focus, get lost in the shuffle of the real world.

Whether large or small, setting goals should be a part of your life.

Do you have big goals? Have you spoke them into existence? Do they seem unattainable? Your small goals seem meaningless?

After reading a half dozen self help books and attended self empowerment conferences, I’d like to share with you my FAVORITE goal setting tool I have come across. It’s called 10-10-1

10 years 10 dreams 1 goal.

So I know you’re like- Hey lady, my goal is to do a pull-up this year, not in 10 years... but bare with me here.

10 Years: So Imagine your best self living your best life in 2030. What kind of person are you, how will you carry yourself, where will you live, how will you feel, what have you achieved? Write that down

10 Dreams: Write down 10 things (dreams) that will need to happen for you to become that person, as specific as you can. Dream big, dream crazy. But make sure it is measurable. Write them down.

1 Goal: Now imagine one goal (from your 10 dreams) that means the most to you or would bring you to the closest version of that person listed above. Write it down like it’s already happened. This helps train your brain into thinking you are already working towards becoming that person. Make sure you know the “why” behind your goal or you are more likely to give up because there isn’t significant meaning behind it.

Your short-ish term goals-

Ok now make it smaller. Maybe the person you are in 10 years is condensed down to one year. So, in 1 year you want to string together 10 strict pull-ups or be better at gymnastics. So envision that amazing gymnast you are going to be, now write down 10 “dreams” to help you get there (this is also where a goals meeting with a coach can help you). Accessory work, strength work,grip strength,kipping, etc.. Once you have compiled that list of 10 find your gateway dream- the manageable one to start building your habits with so you don’t give up.

It’s really important to speak your goals into existence because the most important person to believe in you, is you. We would love to help you with these goals, and they don’t end with just what you do in the gym. We can help with nutrition, mindset, goal setting, and the physical training you desire. Give 10-10-1 a try and if you need some inspiration, reach out to one of your CFF coaches!

Coach Jade

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