Finding that Balance in this New Normal

Two months ago your life was a little more compartmentalized.

You had work at work.

You had fitness at the gym.

You had home at home.

Now they are all at the same place, and for some, in the same room.

Which begs the question, can you strike a balance?

I have always had an issue with work/life balance (as most working people do) and this stay at home order definitely didn’t help me find any more balance in that realm.

What it did help me do was realize what was important and what was not.

Communication: Is literally key at this time. If you aren’t working through zoom or some other video technology you're emailing, texting and sending messages all day long and tone is one thing that’s been missing in your work.

It’s easy to send “tone deaf” messages all day long when all of us are craving personal connection more than ever.

Be deliberate with how you are communicating right now, you could make or break someone’s day.

Family: Have you been “stuck” at home with your family, all doing office work and school work from a spot that used to be called your “dining room table” and now it’s your office? Have you found a glorious new respect for your kids' teachers and cursed your parents for saying “I hope they turn out just like you” ?! (I know this cannot be just me) As annoying as this can be, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to bond with your family like never before, but set some boundaries for your family.

We all thrive with a schedule (don’t pretend that you don’t) and kids crave structure- so set up your “work” time as such and try not to deviate as much as you can.

Health: This goes far beyond physical health. During this time there is a dramatic spike in people searching for mental health help. Similar to making a schedule for your family, I would implore you to make one for yourself that you stick to. Studies say that thinking about things you are grateful for right away in the morning sets a positive tone for your day, and we all know that working out generally makes us feel better no matter what time of day. Schedule time for yourself.

There are a few phrases I keep hearing that I think are important:

You can’t pour from an empty cup AND Do what you can with what you have.

And although they are relatable at any time, there’s no time more important to think about them than now.

Still feel stuck? Need more ideas?

Please reach out to any of your coaches at Crossfit Fargo

Coach Jade

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