May 12, 2020

Do you remember in grade school that you often were asked what your future goals were, what do you wanted to “be when you grow up”? And then magically you turn 19 and no one asks you again because you were supposed to have this planned by the time you were 17 and then you turn 30 and you’re like WHAT JUST HAPPENED!? Oftentimes goals, without focus, get lost in the shuffle of the real world.


Whether large or small, setting goals should be a part of your life. 


Do you have big goals? Have you spoke them into existence? Do they seem unattainable? Your small goals seem meaningless? 


After reading a half dozen self help books and attended self empowerment conferences, I’d like to share with you my FAVORITE goal setting tool I have come across. It’s called 10-10-1 


10 years 10 dreams 1 goal. 


So I know you’re like- Hey lady, my goal is to do a pull-up this year, not in 10 years... but bare with me here.