Sunday 5/3/2020 - Time to Pull

May 2, 2020


M-1: 5 Sets:
Strict Pull Ups @ 9 RPE
8 Romanian Deadlifts @ 31X1 Tempo


S: As Rx
P: Banded Strict Pull ups
F: Ring Rows


Do strict pull ups until you only have 1 rep left in the tank. Do not go to failure.
Focus is on Mechanics NOT LOAD for the Romanian Deadlifts. We are reintroducing the hip hinge under load.


M-2: 4 x 4:00 AMRAP for max Burpees
Bike/Row/Run 25/20 Cal
15 Kettlebell Swing
Max Burpees


Rest 1 Minute between rounds


S: 70/53#
P: 20/15 Cal, 53/35#
F: 15/10 Cal, Russian KBS 26/18#