Saturday, 5/2/2020 - Burnt to the Core

M-1: Back Squat 5 @ 6 RPE 5 @ 7 RPE 5 @ 8 RPE Plus two repeat sets

S: As Rx P: As Rx F: 5x6 Tempo Goblet Squats @ 33X1

M-2: AMRAP 20:00

400m Run

14 Toes to Bar

14 Stationary Front Rack Lunge

Gear 2.5

S: As Rx

P: As Rx

F: AMRAP 20:00

200m Run

14 Knee Raises or Situps

14 Bodyweight Lunges

Note: Choose a weight for the lunges that you can go unbroken or close to it. You should be able to keep moving the entire workout.

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