5 Tips for Helping Kids Stay Healthy and Active During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Many things have changed for our families over the past few weeks. Most of us are currently working from home and our children are continuing with their education from home. This is all a very new way of life and we might feel ourselves struggling to find a new normal. But it is important to focus on what we can control – health, and making it a priority for our families. Here are 5 tips for helping your kids stay healthy and active during the coronavirus pandemic:

1. Get On A Schedule

Kids (and adults) crave structure! Make a list of your kid’s daily tasks and create a schedule for them. You can create a schedule for exercising, education, nutrition and sleep. Schedule meals, snacks, reading and activities and get them into a new routine. Have your child help you post the schedule somewhere that they will easily see and follow it.

2. Eat The Rainbow

No, we don’t mean skittles! Did you know that the different colors in produce provide you with different vitamins and minerals? Different colored fruits and veggies contain different vitamins and minerals that are all important for optimal immune health. So when choosing fruits and vegetables make sure to “eat the rainbow” and load up those plates with fruits and veggies for maximum health benefits! Get your child involved by asking them to see how many colors they can get on their plate at each meal.

3. Keep Your Kids Active

While it might be easy for kids to sit in front of a screen or a TV, let’s get them outside and moving! Schedule time for family movement. Go for a bike ride, take a walk or sign them up for our Youth Empowerment Systems virtual fitness classes. Email jasmine@crossfitfargo.com to get started.

4. Limit The Sugar

Sugar causes an inflammatory response in the body. Many of the popular kids foods are loaded with excess sugar that they don’t need. Instead of grabbing the convenience foods and processed snacks, try letting your kids help in the kitchen to make a meal or snack. Some of our kid approved favorites are egg muffins, energy balls and turkey burgers. You can find tons of other kid friendly recipes >>HERE.

5. Stay Hydrated

Drinking water is essential for keeping your body functioning properly and feeling healthy. Cut out the juices, sodas (regular and diet) and sports drinks – focus on drinking water instead! Try flavoring water with fruits, veggies and herbs. Our kid favorite flavored water combos include: strawberry + cucumber, lemon + basil, and blueberry + orange.

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