CrossFit Fargo Virtual Class Prep - 101

A month ago, the idea of running a virtual would have seemed odd to me. Isn't is amazing how quickly we have all adapted and evolved into make sure that we are all staying safe! You have all been fantastic so far and I love seeing everything that you are doing

As coaches, we will be able to see your movement and coach you to help you Get Better At Life You don’t need to be a tech wizard to join the classes and this article will tell you exactly what to do...


Connecting to our virtual classes is actually super easy.

  1. Have a space set up – enough to do a burpee and not bump your head when you jump

  2. Grab a phone, tablet, or computer with an internet connection and click this link – get there 5-10min before so you can have some adult conversation!

  3. The first time you join, you’ll have to download an app. It’ll do it automatically.

  4. Once it downloads, you are in! Just point the device towards you so it can see you and you can see it.

  5. You can have your own music – just make sure you can hear the coach through your device or headphones


We will be using the app Zoom so that we can see you and you can see us and everyone else in the class – it’s important we can see you, so maybe have more than just your underwear on!

There are a few options:


Clicking on this LINK on your phone will be the easiest and quickest way. You will be prompted to download an app and then just place the phone so the camera can see you and you can see the screen.

PROS: Super easy setup.

CONS: The screen is small. We can see you but you may not be able to see as well


A laptop or tablet that has video capability will give you a much larger screen to be able to see us much better.

You will want to be able to see what we are doing for demo’s etc so this option makes sense. Click this link on your device to get access

PROS: Much larger screen than your phone

CONS: A little bulkier than a phone


If you want to see a full screen of your coaches and bring the gym to your home then you NEED to connect your laptop to your TV via screen share or a HDMI cable. This will be the best option by far and will make sure you don’t miss anything we do. (plus it will be like an in home PT!)

The LINK is the same for all options.

PROS: Super easy to see our demos and your friends/classmates.

CONS: Requires space and access to a larger screen…and some knowledge of how to connect a computer to a screen.

If after this article, you have no idea what to do, then just shoot me an email or hit me up on FB. A technology issue is not an acceptable reason to not join us!

See you guys (virtually) soon!

Coach Jeremy


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