We Are Closing.... For Now

One of my Core Values that has directed me in life has been to "Do The Right Thing". It is not always easy to know when the right time to do the right thing is; but after much thought and mediation, I have decided that for the everyone's health and safety, we need to hit the "pause" button.

CrossFit Fargo is going to temporarily halt group classes on beginning on Thursday, March 19th. You will be able to workout through the 6:30 PM classes on Thursday, which includes YES Kids Classes, and then we will be shutting down. We will monitoring the situation in and plan to re-open we believe it will be safe to do so.

The Good News is just because we are closing the doors for now, doesn't mean we won't be stopping our contact with you, your workouts or your nutrition needs. Here is what we have planned:

Equipment Rental Program

We will be allowing Members to check out equipment for use in their home at NO CHARGE. The items that we will be renting out include: Kettlebells, Dumbbells, AbMats, Jump Ropes, Med Balls and Boxes. If you are interested in renting equipment, please fill out our Google Form Link Below:

Equipment Rental Request

We are asking that if you already have equipment at home to please refrain for requesting additional equipment. We will also be providing some suggestions for substitutions, get creative... we want to see what you can come up with.

I will be scheduling time slots on Sunday March 23rd for Pick-up. If you are not able to pick-up your equipment on Sunday, I will personally schedule a time to deliver your equipment to you.

Home Warrior WODs

We have been posting Home WOD's since Monday. We have started to add some warm-ups to the workouts and a little strength and core work. Please make sure that you post your results in Sugar WOD and post something about it in the Facebook Group. The Link is below if you are not currently a part of the Group.

CrossFit Fargo Athletes of Awesome Group

Sugar WOD: Sign up for Sugar WOD online or download the phone app for FREE. The Code to add CrossFit Fargo is: CrossFitFargo

ZOOM Classes

Starting on Monday, March 23rd we will be providing one ZOOM Class time that you will be able to attend, see some of your gym friends and get coached by one of our fantastic Coaches! Depending on how successful the classes are, we may add a second option!

Download ZOOM on your Computer HERE

You can download Zoom on your phone and we will send the meeting link to you! All you have to do is set up your phone and leave the microphone on for a minutes so we can ask you a quick question, then you place your ZOOM on mute. Be patient with the process!!

What Else Can you Do?

We will be providing some additional content in the coming week or weeks to help everyone keep on track with their fitness, nutrition and mental well being! There are few things each one of the Coaches has planned to give you some new perspectives and challenges. There are some things that you can do RIGHT NOW that can help make a difference to someone in the gym

Continue to workout and records your results

Give Fist Bumps in Sugar WOD

GET OUTSIDE. Ruck. Run. Bike

Continue to Wash you Hands

Stay Engaged with us through Facebook, Instagram and SugarWOD

Tag Us in you Workouts, Meal Prep, Mindfullness... Whatever you can think of!

As we move forward through the state of the world today, remember to continue to be kind to one another. CrossFit Fargo Coaches will be continued to be paid for the work they will do to engage you while our physical location is closed. We are doing everything that we possibly can to continue to keep our doors open, and we want to continue to be here for you and re-open our doors.

This certainly has not been on easy decision for me, but it is the RIGHT DECISION.

The Staff at CrossFit Fargo wish for all your continued health, physically, emotionally and mentally. You will continue to hear from us on a regular basis and we hope that you will enjoy some of the challenges that we have planned for you. We understand what this community means to all of you who have walked through these doors. We are truly blessed to have you here at CrossFit Fargo.

For Today... I want you each to remember:

"Each CrossRoad brings a new Challenge, and I am capable of dealing with whatever comes my way"

Stay Positive and we look forward to seeing you in Virtual Land!

Strength and Honor,

Jeremy Donais

CrossFit Fargo- Owner


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