CrossFit Fargo: How We're Training through COVI-19

March 15, 2020

Dear CrossFit Fargo Athletes,


The Cornavirus has quickly created a worldwide panic and has induced a lot of fear spreading, but we wanted to share some good news with you. 


#1 GOOD NEWS: What you are doing, coming into CFF working out, eating right and focusing on your overall well-being, has prepared you for a sickness. Strong, fit people are harder to kill and they bounce back fast. You have taken care of yourself, you eat well and you are resilient. 


#2 GOOD NEWS: Spring is coming and warmer weather will be bringing more activities outside.


#3 GOOD NEWS: We are in Fargo, ND. Some of hardest hit places such as Seattle did not have much time to prepare for what has happened. We at CrossFit Fargo are learning from gyms in hardest hit areas.


#4 GOOD NEWS: We are in close contact with a very large network of CrossFit business mentors and gym owners who have been very helpful in crafting specific plan to weather the storm. We are learning a lot from them so that we can help all of you


Phase I- Small Changes

Beginning Monday March 16th, we will be implementing a few small changes to give you all a better sense of security coming into the CrossFit Fargo. 


1.) All Members will be required to wash their hands BEFORE and AFTER class

2.) All Members will be asked to wipe down their equipment BEFORE and AFTER class

3.) Each gym will be equipped with spray bottles and towels located in different areas. Please wipe down anything you may have touched during your workout, including the floor after burpees.

4.) We have purchased Simple Green disinfectant that will be used in the floor scrubber and spray bottles. 

5.) ALL Chalk buckets will be removed from the gym. We will have some chalk and zip lock bags that you will be able to use your own chalk. 

6.) You will notice in Sugar WOD starting Monday, that there will be at HOME WARRIOR WOD programmed for the day. In the event that you cannot make it to the gym because you are "Social Distancing", this will be an option for you!


Feel Sick Policy

1.) If you feel sick, please stay home even if it seems minor. This includes STAFF.

2.) Coaches have been instructed to send athletes home if they complain of being sick and will provide you with an explanation.

3.) If you are sick and have a positive test for COVID-19, please contact Jeremy, Jessica and Ashley IMMEDIATELY. This will be for the protection of any of those members who have been in your same class or around you.


Class Limitation Size

1.) We will be limiting classes to 15 people

2.) Because we will be limiting class sizes, ALL athletes will need to register and reserve their classes in Zen Planner starting on Monday March 16th. If you need to cancel, your class please do so as early as possible. If there starts to be an issue, we will address. We know that this will be an adjustment and will take some time to implement, but we ask you to be patient. 


Sign into your account here: Zen Planner CFF Log-in.


3.) We will be asking the COACH to check-in all Clients befor