Thursday March 5, 2020 - Man Maker Madness

March 4, 2020

M-1: 20 minute Alternating EMOM

Every 1:00 x 20:00
A1 - 100m Row -OR- 12/9x Cal Assault Bike Sprint
A2 - 50ft Heavy Single Arm Carry L/R
A3 - 8x Hollow Body Single Arm DB Floor Press per arm w/1 second hold at top: each arm
A4 - 5x DB Split Jerk + 50ft Broad Jump


Notes: There are 5 rounds through this alternating EMOM. The Row/Bike should be a hard effort but should be the same across all 5 rounds. This should get you breathing for the Carries and Floor Presses. The weight for the Carries and Floor Presses should be challenging but doable for all rounds. CP work for the 4th minute so make sure you are staying explosive and intentional with each rep of the Split Jerk and Broad Jump.




M-2: Man Maker Madness


Double Dumbbell Man Makers @ tough weight


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