Wednesday, February 26th - YES WE KNOW, it's tough, but YOUR TOUGHER

February 26, 2020


M-2: Every 12:00 X 3

Option A:
5000/3500m Bike
Max Bar facing burpee remaining time

Option B:
4000/3000m Bike
Max Bar facing burpee remaining time

-If pace on bike is going to be at or less than 50 RPM have them switch to option B.
- They will go straight back to bike once the 10:00 mark hits.
- Just set a bar with any weight out for BFB

M-2: If Time

3-4 Sets:
20 Banded Face Pull (Red Band Only)
20 Weight Hollow Rocks
50' Spidey Stretch

MOVEMENTS: (Banded Face Pull) (Weighted Hollow Rock)

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