Hand Care for Crossfitters

December 31, 2019

You’re on your last set of pullups, only 3 reps to go. All of the sudden you feel a weird stinging sensation on your right hand. You drop down from the pullup bar and notice a gash on the palm of your hand. It finally happened, you got your first rip! You look around.. you look for your coach. Now what?!


Hand tears may seem inevitable in CrossFit, and maybe they are. But I’m here to tell you that there are several good ways to prevent rips from happening. All it takes is some diligent hand care every so often.


Let’s start with why rips happen in the first place. Rips are caused by friction between the bar and the skin on your hand. When you are just starting out you might have soft hands without any calluses, but it doesn’t take long for calluses to develop. Once you have them, that ridge of dead skin can cause big problems for your hands. The friction between your hand, the callus, and the bar, with the added weight of your body, will eventually cause the callus to rip off. This open wound might bleed a little, and it will definitely hurt! The good new is that with proper care, it will heal within a few days and you’ll be right back to working on your toes-to-bar.


How can I prevent rips from happening?


The first and best thing you can do is shave your calluses! The best time to do this is when your