Tuesday, December 17th - PARTNER WODS ARE THE BEST

M-1: EMOM X 10 Option A: 2 Push Jerk + 1 Split Jerk Option B: 3 Push Jerk Option C: 3 Push Press *Start @55% of 1RM split jerk and build to a technically challenging but sound weight (NO HIGHER THAN 70% OF 1RM SPLIT JERK)

M-2: PARTNER ROW E2MOM X 10 (alternate on the minute) Option A/B/C: Max Distance Row (Meters) GEAR 3 Substitute bike out for row NOTES: One partner rows 2:00 while other rests, then switch (each partner will complete 5 sets of 2:00). Goal is to keep consistent but challenging pace (rpe 8-9) throughout each row. Really focus on upright chest and driving through legs first! Make form look as flawless as possible!

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