Saturday, November 30th - ALL THE BIKING

M-1: T2B Work Every 1:90 X 7 Option A: 2-5 Strict T2B 3-6 Kipping Knee To Elbow 4-7 Kipping T2B Option B: 2-5 Strict Straight leg Raise AHAP 3-6 Kipping Knee tucks (Knee to elbows if possible) 4-7 Kipping Straight Leg raise Option C: 0:15-0:30 Active Hang From Bar (I.E. Engaged lats and tight hollow body) 5-10 Strict Knee Raises AHAP *AHAP (As high as poosible) *Rep ranges are there because the goal of this is CHALLENGING BUT UNBROKEN. It is okay if they cannot maintain unbroken sets the whole way through this emom.

M-2: Partner Bike (Alternating Rounds) 4 Rounds: Option A: 70/60 Calorie Bike *Rest as long as it takes your partner to complete calories *If there is an odd number have them do 1:1 rest * If there is to many people they can row as well. (Bike is preferred however) IF TIME: 3 rounds: 30 V-ups 20 Russian Twists 10 Hollow Rocks