Thursday, November 21 - PARTNER WODS!

M-1: Strict Pull Up Every 1:30 X 7 Option A: 0:20 Weighted Strict Pull up 0:20 Rest 0:20 Push ups Option B: 0:20 Body Weight Strict Pull Up 0:20 Rest 0:20 Knee Push Up Option C: 0:20 Ring Row 0:20 Rest 0:20 Box Push up *Does NOT need to be unbroken work during 20 seconds. Just to get volume in and strict endurance

M-2: AMRAP 20 (Teams of 2) Option A/B/C: 8 Minute Max Calorie Row 4 Minute Max Burpee Pull up 8 Minute Max Calorie Row *For the Pull ups. They can be strict, kipping, or jumping. Either is fine.

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