Tuesday, November 19th - LEGS!

M-1: Back Squat 5 X 3 *5 Second Pause at parallel

M-2: 3 RFT:

Option A: 21 KB Thruster (53/35) 15 T2B 9 Box Jump (24/20") Option B: 21 KB Thruster (35/26) 15 Knee Raise 9 Box Jump (24/20") Option C: 21 KB Thruster 15 Knee Raise or Abmat sit-up 9 Box Step Up *Gear 2.5 *This piece is meant to be a Lung and Grip burner. Box Jumps will give them some rest for arms to relax. Goal is to HOLD ON TO the thrusters and break up T2B from the get go.

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