Monday, November 18th - "Fish Out Of Water"

M-1: Clean Complex E2MOM X 7 1 Clean Pull 1 Clean 1 Front Squat 1 Clean *Start at 60% 1RM Clean and Build *Goal is finding a challeniging but technically sound weight. Mechanics over total weight lifted. Athletes should be going off of feel. If it doesn't feel good. Having them work at a weight that is "heavy" but technically sound for that day is what will provide the best progress for that day. Think building to about RPE 8.

M-2: "Fish out of water" For Time: Option A: 3000m Row *E2MOM perform 7 Burpee Over the Erg Option B: 3000m Row *E2MOM perform 5 burpee over the erg Option C: 2500m Row *E2MOM Perform 5 Burpee over the erg *Gear 3 *Target Time: 13:00 - 19:00 *START WITH THE BURPEE OVER ERG!

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