October 12th, 2019 - YAY FRIEND DAY!!

M-1: Bench press/Legless RC 4 Supersets (NFT): 10 Bench Press 1-2 Legless Ropeclimb Rest as needed between) *If athletes can't do legless they can work on regular rope climbs or Scale to Strict Pull up for legless RC (3 for every 1 RC) *Banded pull up if not strict

M-2: Partner Wod: For Time: 2 Rounds: 80 Calorie Bike (split however) 80 Calorie Row (split however) Target Time: 22:00 - 28:00 *Have Groups start on seperate machines if not enough. *If doing alone do 2 Rounds of: 2X20 Calorie Bike (w/ 1:00 rest b/t) 2X20 Calorie Row (w/ 1:00 rest b/t) *the 4 sets is 1 round (Meant to be a sprint/rest type workout)

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