October 10th, 2019 - I APOLOGIZE LEGS, FOR THIS WEEK

M-1: Back Rack Lunge EMOM X 10 8 Back Rack Lunge (Stepping Backward) *Each set is RPE 7-8 (50-55% 1rm Back Squat)

M-2: Thruster/HPS/T2B/Double Under 3 Rounds: 20 OHS (75/55) 20 T2B Rest 5 minutes 3 Rounds: 20 Thruster (75/55) 100 Double Under Option A: Barbell (75/55) T2B Double Under Option B: Barbell (55/35) Knee Raise Single Under/Double Under Option C: Barbell/Dumbells Straight Leg Sit-up Single Under *Gear 3

*Goal is to pick a pace that will be consistent and stick with it

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