09/01/2019 - Ropes and KB's

M-1: 4 Sets:

10-15 GHD Sit Ups 15 Supermans (w/ 3 sec pause at top) 50' HSW

*If they cannot do shoulder taps have them do 2 ""Box Walk Arounds."" *If they Cannot HSW then have them do 16 total shoulder taps on wall *If they don't do GHD's just have them do body weight or weighted sit-ups with DB on Chest. Pin feet under wallball or two heavy dumbells M-2: Amrap 15

Option A: 30 KB Swing (53/35) 100 Double Under 3 Rope Climb (15')

Option B: 30 KB Swing (35/20) 100 Double Under/Single Under 3 Partial Rope Climbs

Option C: 30 KB Swing 100 Single Under 6 Rope walk ups

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