July 31st, 2019 - GRIPPY

M-1: Strict Pullup Heavy 3 (weighted), Then 3X5 @ 65% of heavy 3 *These should be pronated and solid "chin over bar pullups" *Those who cannot do weighted/body weight will perform 5X5 with the most challenging band they can find.

M-2: Kettlebell DL/C2B Amrap 7 3-6-9-12...etc. Option A: KB deadlift (53/35)(Both hands) C2B Option B: KB deadlift (35/26) Pullup Option C: KB deadlift Ring Row Gear 3 M-3: If time (Should be): Tabata (8 rounds 0:20 on;0:10 off) Hollow Rock *Those that cannot do a QUALITY hollow rock perform bent knee holds/rocks

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