Thursday July 11th, 2019 - Squats on Top of Squats

M-1: Back Squat 8RM, Then 2X8 @90% Note: 90% is of todays 8RM

M-2: DU/ Db Front Squat/ C2b Option A: Amrap 6: Buy in: 150 Double Under 12 Double DB Front Squat (50/35) 12 C2b Rest 3 Min Amrap 6: Buy in: 150 DU 12 Double DB Front Squat (50/35) 12 C2b Option B: Buy in: 75 DU 12 Double Dumbell Front Squat 12 Pull up Option C: Buy in: 150 SU 9 Double dumbell Front Squat 9 Ring Row Notes: If Jump Rope takes longer than 1:30 scale accordingly. Goal is to have for sure no less than 4 minutes of work on the Front Squat/C2b portion

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