6/26/2019 - Dead Pull



Pause Deadlift 5-5-5, 2X5 @90% of third set -0:03 pause below knees NOTES Athletes build over the first three sets to a challenging but slightly submaximal weight, leaving one rep in the tank. They should use 90-95% of that load for the last two sets. Have athletes count off the pause for each other, a full, strict three count which starts once the athlete has STOPPED moving. The athlete does not begin the ascent until AFTER "three" is counted off. TIMECAP: 25:00


Deadlift/Pull Up

3 SETS: AMRAP 5; 1:00 REST BETWEEN Option A: 10 Deadlift (155/105) 10 Pullup Option B: 10 Deadlift (115/80) 10 Jumping Pullup Option C: 10 KB Deadlift 10 Ring Row/Banded Pullup *Gear 3

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