Monday 6/17/19 - 100 Reps

M-1: Hang Power Clean

4-4-4, 2x4-

0:03 Pause at Hang


From standing, athletes lower the bar to the hang (just above knee), pause for a full, strict three count, then perform the hang power clean.Athletes build over the first three sets to a challenging but technical weight, leaving 1-2 reps in the tank. Repeat that weight for the last two sets.

M-2: 5 Rounds For Time:

Option A:

8 Squat Cleans, 155#/105#

12 Bar Facing Burpees

Option B:

8 Squat Cleans, 115/75#

12 Bar Facing Burpees

Option C:

6 Hang Power Clean + Front Squat

8 Bar Facing Burpees

Target Time: 10-15:00

GEAR: 2.5

Cooldown: Banded Reverse Hip Extension

Extra Credit: Single Arm Unsupported Kettlebell Row


Notes Pause at both ends, control eccentric. Row up and back towards hip, maximize range of scapula at both ends. Athletes build in sets to 10 to a tough but technical weight, leaving 2-3 reps in the tank. Repeat that weight for three more sets.

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