Saturday, June 8, 2019 - Muscle(up) Development

M-1: Muscle up Development

Level 1 – choose one: (1a) 5 Sets of False Grip Ring Rows (Target: 5 reps/set) (1b) 5 Sets of Transition Rock Variant (Target: 5 reps/set)

Level 2 – choose one: (2a) 5 Sets of False Grip Chest-to Ring Pullups + 5 Sets of Russian Dips (Target: 5 reps/set of each movement) (2b) 5-10x1 Muscle-Up Negative (Target: 10x1 with 0:08-0:10/negative)

Level 3: (3a) 5 Sets of Kipping Muscle-Ups (Target: 5 reps/set) (3b) 5 Sets of Strict Muscle-Ups

M-2: 5 Rounds for time:

Option A: 6 Front Squats, 50% of your 1RM 12 Box Jump Overs, 24/20" 16 DB Snatches, 50/35#

Option B: 6 Front Squats `12 Box Step Ups 16 DB Snatches, 35/20

Option C: 12 Goblet Squats 12 Box Step Ups 12 DB Snatches, 20/10

Target Time: 15:00 Gear 2.5

Extra Credit: Isolation Circuit

3 sets of 12 Reps of each: Alternating Dumbbell Curl Dumbbell Overhead Extension Lateral Delt Raise

Notes These may be completed individually or in a circuit. Athletes should select load to allow for smooth, controlled movement in both directions. Load for tough but unbroken sets. Warm up and then use the same load for all four sets.

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