June 5, 2019 - Thruster Booty Buster

M-1: Clean and Jerk

3RM, 3x2

All cleans should be completed within about 30 seconds. One a 3RM is found, complete 3 more sets of 2 reps at that same weight.

M-2: 5 Rounds: 1:00 Barbell Thrusters 1:00 Rest

Athletes should use the same weight they did for the max thruster test. If they didn't perform the test, choose a weight that they could perfom 10 reps in a minute.

Extra Credit: Shoulder Block Leg Raise


Notes To set these up without stall bars, athletes should place a barbell in J hooks beneath a pull up bar. These are very hard. To scale, athletes should simply raise their legs as high as possible, try to squeeze and hold at the top, then lower them under control

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