5/22/2019 - MAPS Test

M-1: Strict Press 10-10-10-10 Notes Athletes build over the first three sets to a challenging but technical weight, leaving 2 reps in the tank. Repeat that weight for the fourth set. M-2: EMOM 20:

For Total Calories

0:30 @ 105-110% MAP Pace

0:30 Rest

NotesMAP Pace is the athletes calories per minute pace from their bike or row test on 5/19). E.g. if the athlete got 200 calories in 10 minutes, their MAP is 20 calories/minute. Therefore for this workout, the athlete here would be aiming for 21-22 calories/minute (round up to a target of 11 calories per 0:30.)If sharing bikes/rowers, athletes should trade off 0:30 intervals until they have each performed 20 sets. Make sure they HUSTLE the transitions and get the full thirty seconds of work each time.

**If you didn't do the MAPS test - row at RPE 9

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