4/29/2019 - Cleans Inverted

M-1: Clean

10x2 on 1:30 Option A: 10x2 Squat Cleans, start at ~70%. Option B: 10x 2 Power Clean + Front Squat Option C: 10x2 Hang Power Clean + Front Squat Notes Athletes build over the first three sets to a weight which is challenging but submaximal, leaving one good rep in the tank. Use 90-95% of that set for the remaining two sets.


21-15-9 For Time: Option A: Power Clean, 115#/75# Handstand Pushup Option B: Power Clean, 75/55# Modified HSPU Option C: Hang Power Clean, 45/35# Push ups Target Time: 6:00-10:00 GEAR: 2.5