Athlete Profile - Andy's Story

Andy joined CrossFit Fargo on 11/29/2018. In just 6 weeks he transformed his life in several ways. He's lost 20 pounds and no longer experiences the effects of inflammation from daily activity. The constant variability and community keep him engaged and he continues to challenge himself each day. Read more of his story below!

Andy was a great fit for our gym from the beginning! He meshed well with the other athletes and coaches. Here's a quote from one of our Bootcamp coaches, Jade Vespa:

"What can I say about Andy?! Andy is the type of athlete you want in your class. He joined CFF at the end of 2018 to regain control of his life, he set his goals and knocked them out of the park! Our joke was calling him the "disappearing man" because every time we saw him he had lost more weight!

We are so happy that after the 6 week unloaded bootcamp that Andy continued at CFF! He pushes himself inside and outside the gym and continues to surprise himself by how far he has come."

Why did you join CrossFit Fargo?

To improve my health. I'm on cholesterol medication, have watched my blood sugar numbers slowly creep up over the years, and started using a CPAP device at night. Comparing my health to that of my parents and sibling, I did not like the trajectory. Having tried several other exercise options over the years, I would either hurt myself and stop or simply get bored. The daily variation of CrossFit keeps the workouts interesting and challenging.

What's been your biggest accomplishment?

Losing 20 pounds during the 6 week Unloaded class has helped me feel better about myself.

What are you working on now?

Strengthening my core so I can expand from there.

What's your favorite CrossFit Fargo memory?

Seeing some of the coaches dance at random times. Also, all the positive attitude and encouragement from everybody, not just the coaches. CrossFit has been a really open community. The only bad attitudes are those you bring yourself.

What motivates you to continue training at CrossFit Fargo?

Many things really; a feeling of accomplishment each workout day, going to class gives my day structure, I still feel challenged (no end in sight), I'm enjoying feeling stronger, I'm enjoying not being in pain for days after doing some fix up job around the house, and I don't want to lose the gains I have made.

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