Top 10 Instagram Accounts to Follow for CrossFit, Nutrition & Mindset Inspiration

Happy Tuesday!

This week we're doing a wrap-up of all our favorite Fitness and Nutrition Instagram accounts! These will help provide information, inspiration or a good chuckle to get you through your lunch break or layover.

1. @Hookgrip - Want to get better at Oly lifts? This account is your go to. Hookgrip shares videos of Olympic lifters from all over the world. Many of the videos are in super slow motion. This is a great way to learn more about the lifts and see the different positions and pulls executed flawlessly. At super slow-mo speed you can actually observe and digest the movement patterns. Only interested in seeing USA lifters? Check out @hookgripusa while you start your U-S-A chant. Are you interested in following U-S-A's golden girl and seeing what it feels like to train as a real-life Olympic Lifter? Follow @mattiecakesssss (yes, that's 5 s's).

2. Pamelagnon - This account is run by the Head Coach of CrossFit Gymnastics. She's a masters athlete and an absolutely brilliant gymnast. She shares videos that break down complicated gymnastics movements and gives zillions of progressions and drills to work to add these movements to your wheelhouse - many of which are in her highlights so you don't have to go searching her feed for them. Bless. You could follow @CFgymnastics while you're at it.

3. Squat University - This account is run by Dr. Aaron Horschig and his posts break down common weightlifting movement faults and how to correct them. He address things like how to fix a butt wink in a squat or anterior tilt (arched back) in a Clean and Jerk. Don't know what a butt wink is? Find the follow button! @Catalystathletics is another great account similar to this one.

4. @Moveu_Official - This account is run by two hilarious chiropractors. They focus on identifying pain and using that as inspiration to be a better mover. They give lots of info on how to move better while squatting or pressing or even sleeping!

5. @CrossFitgames this is obviously a fun account to follow as you get to see some of the best Crossfitters in the world and keep up to date on news and announcements regarding this sport of fitness competition!

6. @DakotaGames - Speaking of awesome competitions! Following the Dakota Games account gives you a chance to see competition shots of all your friends kicking butt on the competition floor all year long. Many of which are paired with inspiring quotes. Make sure to follow The Dakota Games to keep updated on all the new announcements this year: New Venue, New divisions, AND MORE!

7. @BenBergeron - This account is run by CF New England owner Ben Bergeron. More notably he coaches CrossFit games athletes Mat Fraser, Katrin Davidsdottir, Brook Wells and Cole Sager. His feed is full of inspiring quotes on the mindset we should take toward training and life as well as snips from his podcast, Chasing Excellence. He also runs which is his programming for athletes who want to train for competitions and understand the difference between training and competition. That feed is mostly pictures of elite level athletes in the pain cave so if you want to see a couple hundred pictures reminding you, 'you can always do more,' that's the account for you.

8. @Thesisuway - More mindset stuff for you. This account is run by Scott Mcgee. He also runs a podcast of the same name. He speaks on grit, character, gratitude and service. His philosophy is "Health is Wealth, Vulnerability is Strength, and Strength is a choice." His posts are mostly about mindset and how it translates to training and life but he also shares bits of his family life, like him and his two boys about to crush some pizza.

9. @Birthfit - This is a great account for the pregnant and postpartum moms who Crossfit. This account shares lots of useful information for moms who want to train for birth and up until birth as well as rehabbing the body postpartum. The most important nugget from Birthfit? Just because you CAN do something doesn't mean you should.

10. @Doyouevenpaleo - Rounding out our top ten is local food blogger Chelsea Simdorn's blog account where she shares amazing recipes that are paleo and whole 30 approved. The good news is she is also a talented photographer so the pictures are amazing. The even better news is she loves tacos and celebrates #TacoTuesday every week. Check out her website at and see which recipes you can try. Her plantain pancakes are divine and were featured on The Morning Chalk Up!

Did we forget any ? If we missed your favorite let us know in the comments on the blog or on social media!

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