Monday 3/11/2019 - Run & Row

M-1: EMOM 12:00

Option A: Power Snatch 12x1 EMOM Start at ~75%, build. This is for athletes with an established 1RM. The task is to make 12 crisp, solid lifts, not to hit a max.

Option B: 12x2 EMOM This is for athletes without an established 1RM. Start light, build.

Option C: 12x3 EMOM Hang Power Snatch This is for athletes just learning the snatch.

M-2: AMRAP 30:00

Option A/B: Run 400m 1:00 Rest Row 500m 1:00 Rest

Option C: Run 200m Rest 1:00 Row 250m Rest 1:00

Sub 1000m Bike for the Run if needed

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