Tuesday 3/5/2019 - Row Snatch Bike

M-1: EMOM 12:00

Option A: Split Jerk 12x1 EMOM

This is for athletes with an established 1RM. Start at 75%, build by feel. Task is to make 12 crisp, solid lifts, not hit a max.

Option B: Split Jerk 12x2 EMOM

This is for athletes without an established 1RM. They can do split jerk, but need practice. Start light, build to a heavy set of 2.

Option C: Push Press 12x3 EMOM

This is for athletes who are still working on the dip, drive, and overhead stability.

M-2: 4 Rounds for total Time:

250m Row 20 DB Snatch, alternating 500m Bike 2:00 Rest Between Rounds

Option A: 50/35#

Option B: 35/20#

Option C: 20/15#

Target Time: 25:00 GEAR: 3

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