3....2....1..... Its Time to SHINE

It only happens once a year and only one event can truly be called celebration of our competitive spirit.

Friday Night Lights kicks off February 22rd, 2018 at CrossFit Fargo and we CANNOT WAIT! This event consists of five nights of local competition to start and finish the qualifiers. Athletes will be competing from all around the WORLD to be among the those to attend the CrossFit Games and to become Fittest in the World . For the Majority of People (especially for some like me), it is a chance to showcase how far you have come in the past year or years and have a GREAT TIME.


After Pre-Registration ends on February 8th, you will then be placed on one of four in-house teams to participate in the Associate Cup.

Want more information... Here are the FAQ's:

What is Friday Night Lights: Friday Night Lights or "FNL" is an in-house event that gives our gym a time to come together as a CrossFit community and do what we know best, workout and cheer each other on! Workouts are announced on Thursday evenings as a part of the CrossFit Open, a worldwide event for all fitness enthusiasts. Athletes use FNL a measure of their progress every year.

Who is this for: All athletes associated with CrossFit Fargo and the CrossFit community at-large. Family, friends co-workers, we LOVE everyone to come cheer you on! You don't need to be competition ready, just be ready to HAVE FUN

When is it: We will gather every Friday starting on February 22rd through March 22rd. Briefings are at 6:00 PM and first heats are typically 6:30 PM.

What is I can't make it one or two weeks: No Problem! You can make the workout up on Sunday or wherever you are at.

What will it be like:

Anyone who has participated before, they can tell you this is more than just a workout. You will be drafted into one of four Teams who will be competing for Spirit Points, Challenge Points and other various opportunities to win the Affiliate Cup.

Do I have to Sign Up for the CrossFit Open: You don't have to... Although it it HIGHLY encouraged AND you will be able to gain more points for your Team if you do!!

How Much Does it Cost: $ 49 is your registration for FNL. This cost does not cover registration for the CrossFit Open. Included with your registration is an AWESOME t-shirt, awards, some great photo shots that you can share with all your friends, and best of all, a Community that we cheer you on the entire way!

Ok... Where do I sign Up: The Link is NOW LIVE... Just Click Here: Friday Night Lights Registration

Ok.... So I want to sign for the CrossFit Open ALSO: Awesome! Here is the Link to the Games Website: CrossFit Open

You will be getting a bunch of emails in the next few days telling you more about Friday Night Lights, but for now, get signed up! PRE-Registration ENDS February 8th!!

See you in the Gym

Jeremy Donais

FNL Commissioner

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