CFF Coach Profile - Ryan Daniel

I caught up with up with our Golden Boy Ryan Daniel to learn a little more about him and what he does in and outside of the gym! This early bird has been with CFF since 2014 and he has been a great asset to our community ever since!

1. How long have you been doing CrossFit as an athlete?

6 Years.

2. How long have you been coaching?

5 Years

3. What are your coaching credentials (level 1,2 3 etc and extra certifications)

CFL1, CF Power Lifting Seminar, CF Olympic Lifting Seminar, CF Endurance Seminar, OPEX Assessment & Program Design

4. What class times do you usually coach?

5:30 & 6:30 am once to twice a week.

5. What was your fitness/athletic background before starting CrossFit?

I participated in a variety of sports in high school, guided month long canoe trips in Northern Canada, ultimate frisbee, snowboarding, rock climbing, triathlons and ultra-marathons. I like to move, be outside and try new activities.

6. What is your day job?

I am the Residential Services Director at Luther Hall. Luther Hall is a Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facility that provides support to many ND and MN kids in need over the course a 9 - 12 month period of time.

7. What are your hobbies/interests outside the gym?

After learning a lot of new skills flipping a house, I am trying to get more into woodworking. My current project is making canoe paddles. Also, I love experiencing the outdoors with my 1 and a half year old, lab puppy, Nina.

8. Please share one of your favorite coaching memories.

That would probably be when the High School Boys Cross Country team I used to coach for, won the MN Class A state title.

9. When do you find time to workout?

During the week it's 5:30 AM or I attend rec activities with the kids while at work. On the weekends, I try and find fun ways to challenge my fitness by doing activities outside the gym.

9. What are your favorite CrossFit movements or WODs to coach?

I like workouts that push people to the point where the decision to take a break is more mental than physical. It is really fun to push athletes to turn the brain off and keep going.

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