Mindset Monday - Gratitude

Whatever you are looking for you will find.

This could be a really short post because, really, gratitude is as simple as the statement above. Whatever you are seeking, you will find. If you constantly focus on the negative things in your day you will continue to find them. If you make being a victim of your day a habit, your days will habitually victimize you.

This mindset is more common than you think.

It looks like this: I couldn’t find a parking spot, so I was late for class, (the parking lot in this place is awful) the coach played music I hate during the WOD, and it's stupid programming, so I didn't do well. Class went long so I had no time to talk to people and now I'm gonna be late. I get home, the kids aren’t ready, they're chasing after each other like lunatics. Now they are going to eat in the car and destroy it. This drop off line is a nightmare. Now I'm at work and John is sick, again, and won’t make it in to work. Now I have to pick up his slack. Why does this stuff always happen to me?

The above mentality belongs to a victim of their life. That mentality is a weakness. Who is running the ship? You or your emotions? The world is not out to get you. And as Rachel Hollis and Tony Robins say, "Life is not happening TO you, it is happening FOR you."

When we work on overcoming that mentality (let’s be honest, we all have moments or days like that) we will search for the good in our day and try to find how the world is working in our favor. We will look to see what is happening FOR us rather than what’s continually happening to us.

What does overcoming that mentality look like?

It looks like this: There are no parking spots, head start on my steps for the day and must be a huge class! Love big classes! Okay this is not my favorite music but there was one song I kind of liked, what was that? Had a good conversation with coach on a new band. I left way late but had fun. And now the kids are not ready but they are all laughing and smiling and that fills me up. They can eat in the car today and I can vacuum it on Sunday. Thank goodness this drop off off line is so long so the kids have time to eat! Poor John, sick again. His immune system is worthless. I’m so grateful for my health and that I’m not sick as often as he is.

I'm not saying you don't have the itch to have the thought, "OMG he's faking it! He is so lazy!" but you overcome. You rewrite over that tempted thought with a new positive, grateful thought.

If you are in a state of gratitude it’s impossible to be a victim. The world is at your fingertips.

What will the world offer up to you today? Beautiful Sunrise? Favorite workout? Snow?


I promised a ND winter weather example. Many people grumble and complain about the weather. Too cold, too windy, too much snow! And then when it starts to get nice again it’s too bright, too wet, it’s a slushy mess out there! My car is disgusting!

They are constantly looking for the bad things about the weather - and ya know what? They find them every time.

Things you can be grateful for about ND winters:

-Getting into a warm car on a really cold day

-Anyone have heated seats? Hello!

-Snow days

-Sledding or fort building

-It signifies change. In order to grow, things must change. The most evident example is the seasons. We are lucky to have all 4!

-Hot cocoa in a coffee shop (or at home) on a snowy day with a good book.

I can continue but I won't...

-When it gets just warm enough but then cools down and the trees all have that frosted look. Come on!

Ok I'll be done.

Your world OPENS UP when you utilize a grateful mindset. It helps when things are bad, too. Didn't get the job you wanted? A better opportunity will present itself. Got laid off? More time with the kids at home this winter. Got an injury? More time to do the things you felt like you could never do. Read. Reflect. Meditate. Work on Strict Presses. Whatever.

You're also a more enjoyable person to be around when you practice gratitude.

So if you want a better life, for people to enjoy your company and fewer 'bad days' - try incorporating gratitude into your daily life.

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