Stop Doing List: 3 Things to Stop Doing to Stop Comparing yourself to Others

Comparison. The Ole’ Me vs. You argument. It happens to everyone. These thoughts creep up in your head. And it usually goes one of two ways:

WAY ONE: You compare yourself to someone who is worse off than you. “Well, he did more rounds of “Cindy” today but I snatched more than him. I’m probably still a better athlete. I’d still win in a competition.”

WAY TWO: You compare yourself to someone who is better off than you. “Ohmigosh. She did so many rounds of “Cindy.” She butterflied all her pullups. She’s so good. I hate that she’s so good at this. It’s so easy for her. I'll never be that good.”

Do you ever stop to think about these thoughts that are in your head? You might think nothing of it but they can be incredibly destructive. There is a BIG difference between admiration and appreciation for someone and comparison. Admiration and appreciation challenge you to reach for more. Comparison makes you feel less about your own effort and accomplishments.

Here are three things you can stop doing to combat comparison:

One: Stop feeling like comparison is just a part of your day. Realize that you are in control of your own destiny and what you believe becomes your reality. (More on this in a future post!!) If you find yourself comparing your beginning to someone else’s middle – Stop doing that. Life is meant to be lived – not survived. Make the decision to not waste your energy on it.

"If you find yourself comparing your beginning to someone else's middle - Stop doing that!"

Two: Stop consuming content that makes you compare. Audit your social media feed. You are not obligated to follow a certain person and consume their content. If their highlight reel is making you feel shame about your everyday – stop following them! Ask yourself “Does this person make me want to reach for more or feel less?”

Three: Stop being so hard on yourself! Understand that not every day is going to be perfect even though Instagram leads us to believe otherwise. In reality – some days we crush workouts, eat all our veggies, clean the house, prep the meals, and manage the kids perfectly. Other days we eat Sweedish fish for dinner. It’s FINE. Give yourself some grace. Every moment is a new moment. Move on.

Switching your mindset and discontinuing these habits will help you focus more on your own journey and getting to where YOU want to go rather than wasting time and energy focused on where others are at. So go ahead, change your mindset and your life and get started with this stop doing list!

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