6 Tips to Make it Through the Weekend on the Nutrition Challenge!

The weekend is generally a time where we let our guard down and try and RELAX. This is also generally the hardest time to stay on track if you are trying to get used to a new routine, nutritional or otherwise, because you have so much more time!!

Here are 6 tips to keep you on track this weekend!

1. Be Prepared.

Make sure you have meals or snacks prepped or at least planned so you don't end up having to make a last minute decision somewhere where there isn't any healthy alternatives. Plan for SUCCESS!

2. Budget that TIME.

Schedule time into your weekend to prep those meals or snacks that we talked about. Or to do some grocery shopping when you aren't starving, hauling 2 kids around, and trying to make it home before 6:30. Pro Tip: plan your meals and then order your groceries online for the ultimate shopping experience!

3. Workout.

One good decision fuels another, right? If you start out Saturday with a good sweat session then you'll be more likely to make a good decision at lunch, and so on! Remember to fuel your workout accordingly and be prepared (see #1) so that you have protein, snacks, etc for after your workout so you're not driving 60 mph to the nearest restaurant to down a burger and a beer!

4. Get some Rest.

There is lots of research that supports what rest and recovery can do for your metabolism but I like to boil it down to this: Who makes better decisions? Tired, cranky and groggy you? Or the alert, peppy, prepared you? Save your arguments concerning how this challenge stole your coffee creamer, or artificially sweetened caffeinated beverage of choice and ruined your morning routine: learn to adapt, try something new, it's 27 days people, not a lifetime!

5. Stay Busy.

This is as easy as thinking: I can't each a bunch of junk the same time I'm shoveling the side walk, cleaning out my closet, walking my dog, (insert whatever needs to be done around your house here). Fuel your day accordingly and then GET. AFTER. IT.

6. Do NOT have an All or Nothing Attitude.

This is the MOST important one of all. I saved the best for last. If something happens, and at some point, something will, do not be hard on yourself for choosing the easy option. Classes go late, keys get locked in cars, babies are up all night, the coffee runs out, all the things happen. Just because you lost your sugar points today doesn't mean you failed today, will fail the challenge or will continue to make poor decisions. You don't drop your phone and decide to smash it to bits. Just like you don't eat a sandwich and then decide to give up on a challenge you're invested in. Don't worry - you've got this!!

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