3 Reasons Why You May Be Hitting A Plateau

3 REASONS WHY YOU MAY BE HITTING THE “PLATEAU” We have all been there, that season of training where it seems that progress is stuck in wet cement. Weights don’t go up, energy seems non-existent, and any shred of motivation just doesn’t seem helpful. The good news is that these things can be fixed with some simple habits and practices set in place. 1. SLEEP | GET THOSE DREAMS As a coach, the most common thing I see is athletes either not getting enough, or not taking it as seriously as they should. I struggled with sleep habits for years and saw my results and goals begin to suffer for it. I can testify to how making a change to my sleep completely revamped my ability to train. 1a. ROUTINE | PREDICTABLE Most of us have some type of routine whether it’s the daily routine at the gym, work or even setting up for a lift, it's something we all do. So why is it that sleep isn’t one of those routines? During REM sleep our testosterone outputs are at an all-time high, helping our body recover and regulate the things we put it through while training, and without quality sleep and those cycles, we lose our best recovery method.

A few things that have helped me and will likely help you establish better sleep. Routine, again, is first. Even if daily, that time in which you go to sleep varies, it is about doing the same thing every time. This helps to start to calm your brain much like a programmed response. For me, that looks like this.

-Check Emails -Program(work) -Shower -Brush My Teeth - Make the bed -Sleep It may seem silly but as soon as I begin that routine my brain starts to allow me to become tired and prepare me for bed.

There is proven science behind the process of “Sleep Hygiene” routines as this. It is part of Neuro-Mapping that allows us to rewire our brains and habits to lead to a predicted response.

Check out this podcast with Navy Seal Neurologist Dr. Kirk Parsley | Science of Sleep 1b. DISTRACTIONS | BLACKOUT This one is simple, keep it dark and cool. Put away technology, tv, phones, tablets, and any ambient light. Having a cool and dark place helps to allow your body to fall and stay into adequate sleep cycles. 1c. BREATHING | RELAXATION Too often going to bed I am distracted and my mind is racing and that has led to many sleepless or interrupted nights. Mark Divine, Owner of http://sealfit.com/ has a box breathing method that I have learned and practiced that has begun to help me fall fast asleep even when my mind is wandering. This can also work within stressful times if you find yourself stressed at home or work this practice can help bring relaxation and focus. 2. NUTRITION | WINDOW OF GAINS Nutrition, BOOOORING or at least that is how it gets written off most times by people. I am not talking about the “Diet” or the “Cut” but more the timing and intake of ENOUGH macronutrients before or after training. Far too often I see people under eating or eating the wrong things in the wrong timing or combination. An easy place to start is to get a Body Scan to determine BMI, BF% and Baseline Macro intake needed. An easy way to do this is to schedule an In-Body scan here at the gym. “Where do I go from there?” Your first choice would be scheduling a 1 on 1 meeting with our team here at CFF and working with our Nutrition Coaches to help establish a plan or template to follow, or just to get guidance on what would be best for you and your goals. 3. CONSISTENCY | STAY WITH IT We humans, specifically AMERICANS, want those “instant results” or proof that what we are doing is working. Most programs and training are not and will never be an overnight success, put 10lbs of muscle on you, allow you to drop 10lbs of body fat or add that 20 lbs to your total lifts. It takes work, and above all the other things we have talked about in this blog, this is where I see athletes fall off the fastest (behind nutrition). I have not (or at least to my knowledge) seen or heard of any program that will produce major results in even 4 weeks time. You must stick to it. Don’t skip a day, stay the course. I can go on and on for days about the point of consistency but then this blog would turn into a novel. Find your program and see it through, trust the process, PAY THE MAN and yield to the results.

If you have more questions or want more input into programs, nutrition or have other questions please don’t hesitate to email me: Michael@crossfitfargo.com.

Do it Well. Michael Vespa | Head Coach | Crossfit Fargo

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