Wednesday October 31, 2018 - Baseline 2 ReTest

M1 ) Seated Strict Press

(Seated On Floor)

Work to establish a heavy 3 rep

Drop Sets: Max Reps in 3 Mins @70% of heavy 3 Rep

M2) CFF Baseline 2

For Time

800 Row

20 C2B

400m Row

20 TTB

200m Row

20 Thruster 115/85

Option 1:

800m Row

20 Pull up

400m Row

20 K2E

200m Row

20 Thruster 95/65

Option 2:

600m Row

30 Jumping Pull up

400m Row

30 Straight Leg Sit up

200m Row

20 Thruster 75/55

Goal here is to choose an option that allows you to keep pace high and go as unbroken as possible. We will re-test this in late fall cycle

M3) Front Leaning Rest on Rings

3 Sets: Max Effort Hold

Take average of 3 for baseline metric

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