Saturday 8/18/18

M-1: Reverse Grip Bench Press

3 Waves: 15-10-5

Build Each Wave

M-2: AMRAP 5:00

Sandbag Over The Rack

M-3: 2000m Row w/Death by Burpee

At 3-2-1 GO! Athletes will begin rowing their distance from 0:00-1:00, at the 1:00 mark they will stop rowing and complete 1 burpee and then continue rowing.

At the 2:00 min mark they will complete 2 burpees and then continue rowing.

This will continue every minute on the minute with the ascending number of burpees matching the minute.

Athletes will complete the workout by either finishing their 2k row or failing to complete the required amount of burpees within the given minute.

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