Tuesday 8/14/18 - You can't fail this test!

M-1: 4 Sets:

12 Seated Dumbbell Press (build to heavy)

8 Ring Push ups @ 1310 Tempo

Option B:

8 Push Ups @1310 Tempo

Option C:

8 Band Assisted Push Ups @ 1310 Tempo

M-2: Test Round

For this work out we will be testing :20 Sec max sets to help us establish rep schemes for the workout.

Test 1 round of each movement to establish reps Work :20 Rest :40 1 Test of each

Movement 1: Hang Squat Clean 115/85 95/65 75/55

Movement 2: Push Press *Same weight options as above*

Movement 3: Bar Facing Burpee

M-3: AMRAP 12:00

Hang Squat Clean

Push Press

Bar Facing Burpee

You will use your test number from each movement as their rep scheme for the workout.

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